Yes, You Can Do It…

Yes, You Can Do It…

This isn’t going to be another “you only have yourself to blame for your lack of success” posts…

“You’re the reason you aren’t successful…”

“Stop blaming others for your problems…”

“Why do you keep scrolling jealously through Instagram and not getting up and chasing your own dreams…??”

“You’re lazy, entitled, and just want another participation trophy!”

As Millennial’s we’ve heard it all. Heck, I’ve even said some of these things (like here). Sure, tough love can be a good thing. Yes at times it’s necessary, but for those who are grinding day in and day out, sometimes you just need to hear “yes, you can do it…!” Contrary to the belief of a lot of people in “older generations” there are a lot of Millennial’s hustling, puttin’ in the work. I’ll give you four examples that I’ve specifically interviewed for this blog…

I know someone’s going to read this and get it twisted. They’ll say I’m trying to excuse those with a lack of patience or hard work ethic, which I’m not. This is directed to those who specifically are working hard and still haven’t seen results. Those who are putting in the work, who are consuming information and executing on what they learn and continuing to pivot when things aren’t working. Trust me I know the feeling, and maybe this post is more for me than anyone reading it, but YES, we can do it! Is it going to be hard? Yes. Are you going to need patience? Yes. Will it eventually happen if you keep learning, growing, working, pivoting? Yes, I really do believe that!

I’ll give you a personal example, since the relaunch of this blog about a month ago some platforms have done okay, others not so much…like Facebook. In a recent FB post, this was the engagement…

As you can see, on my Facebook post I had 4 likes (shout out to these 3 and the other family members and friends for the love and support, I really appreciate it!!).

  • 1 from my personal account.
  • 1 from my wonderful wife!
  • 1 from my loving mother who has always supported me no matter what I do.
  • And 1 from my sister in-law who has always been super supportive of the family!

While this isn’t how all posts are, and I’m very grateful for the support that I’ve gotten especially from my friends and family, when pursuing a dream it isn’t always roses and sunshine. I get it, I have no one else to blame for only getting 4 likes on Facebook, I need to produce better content. Create better networks. Work harder. Grow my following. Etc. And again, I’m not writing this out of self-pity, but just to say, Yes, we can do it. It’s only been a month, I’m not giving up on the dream of growing this blog to a point where it’ll sustain my lifestyle and you shouldn’t give up on yours.

So before you give up, before you throw in the towel, really consider if what you’re doing is worth fighting for. If the answer is yes, if what you’re working on is really what you want to do. Then you’re going to find away to make it happen, and someone should tell you that! You already know it’s not going to be easy, you know it’s going to take a lot of time, effort, and patience, but you should also know that it will happen for you. Don’t give up!!

I’ll end with this, listen to guys like Gary Vaynurchuk and Grant Cardone, who are no nonsense, get out there and grind type attitudes. Listen to the older generations when they say “you’re the reason you’re not successful.” Keep working tirelessly, grinding day in and day out. Keep pushing, pivoting learning, hustling, but just know that…Yes, you can do it, and YES, WE WILL! See you at the top!!

3 thoughts on “Yes, You Can Do It…

  1. Hi McClain,
    I admire your attitude. I’m not sure about how realistic you are being about the blog though. Getting this blog to the point where it will “sustain your lifestyle” seems like an awfully big stretch. It is important to realize what type of market blogging is. Blogging is a winner take all scenario. The best blogger will be taking a loins share of the market profits. There is only room for so many, and unless you are one of them there won’t be let over. Now that said you do have the right idea about how to get there. Skill, patience, practice, and a little luck are all you need.
    My other thought is are you looking at any other data besides Facebook for engagement?For example, have your total site visits been going up?

    1. Haha Matt very interesting comment, I’ll probably save it for when I’m one of the bloggers taking “a loins share of the market profits” 🙂 …Yes of course I’m looking at other data besides Facebook for engagement, it was just an example I was giving. Overall things are going well. Am I where I want to be? No, but that was the whole point of the article. With people saying, “you can’t” or “the odds are against you” sometimes you just need to hear that yes you can! That being said, I appreciate the honest feedback.

      1. Reminds me of a famous Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

        Well now that I have all these comments on your blog I’m kinda tied to your success. Once you make it big all these links will just drive tons traffic my way. The engineer in me wants to measure everything so I’m going to measure the success of your blog by the amount of traffic you send to my blog. I’ll even provide periodic updates. You are currently in 3rd place for referral traffic. I’m rooting for you.

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