When The Hustle Stops…

When The Hustle Stops…

This last weekend was my Mother’s Birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!! Love you!!). That coupled with other family events I didn’t get anything done with the blog. There were no late night blog writings, no research, no social media hacking…nothing. I didn’t even get a post written for today (Monday, May 8th). And here’s the worst part, I don’t even feel rejuvenated from the weekend. If anything I have a weekend hangover. So what happens when the hustle stops?!?

  1. Begin Again: I know, I know, easier said than done. I’m no Gary Vaynerchuk, at least at this point in my life I simply don’t have the stamina or drive to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. I get side tracked with family/friend time, sporting events, and even Netflix. There’s one thing that I’ve learned however…when you get lazy, when the hustle stops, you have to begin again. You have to pick yourself back up, get back on the horse and continue on (if that’s what you really want of course).
  2. Hold on to Your Passion: We’ve all had that experience where you get super excited about something. You get super excited about an idea, or you listen to a Gary Vee podcast, or you start seeing some results initially. Then…the idea is harder to execute then you thought, or the podcast ends and you have to put in actual work, or your results plateau. That’s when you need to hold on to your passions. That’s why it’s important to pursue something that you have at least some passion about. i.e. You might hate the day to day grind of working and marketing a blog or a blog post, but you love to write. Hold on to that and hold on to the parts you’re passionate about and then see below. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
  3. Grind it Out: It really is that simple, “grind it out,” that’s why they call it grinding. The definition of “grinding” according to Google is, “oppressive, tedious, and seemingly without end.” Grind it out, even when you don’t feel like it or have a “weekend hangover.” When the initial excitement of a new project wears off and you forget why you even started it in the first place…pivot if you have to, but keep grinding to the finish line.

I’m definitely not the model for running businesses, or working all hours of the night, or executing strategy, but I keep going. If something isn’t working, I look to find a way to pivot, then keep going until one day hopefully I accomplish what I’ve set out to do. You can too!!

Question: What do you do when you feel your hustling slow down or stop?!?

2 thoughts on “When The Hustle Stops…

  1. So crazy man, I literally felt the same this weekend! But I pushed myself to write and rather than have an insightful post, I posted on something that came from the heart. You’re so right though, we gotta channel that passion of ours. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. That’s awesome Javi. Good for you man. It’s hard to get yourself to do things like that. Yup, gotta hold on to what your passionate about, that’ll get you through the hard times for sure.

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