Timing Is Everything… (4 Minute Read)

Timing Is Everything… (4 Minute Read)

I’ve been receiving some flak from people from the “Be Obsessed With Success” mini series I started earlier this week promoting hard work and hustle. I posted on Twitter…

The reaction was positive for the most part but I did get a sarcastic comment saying (paraphrasing the 140 characters here)…”a cleaner from back home who works 12 hours a day for less than $200 a month.” Okay, okay…I get it (passive-aggressive jab) you can work suuuuper hard and still not make a lot of money…you have to work smart too, duh. I will say this however, working smart is part of working hard. Taking the time to learn strategy, learn your market, listen to your audience, etc. is smart work, but it’s also HARD work btw. 🙂

So let me give you some “smart work” social media advice, for all of you hard work haters…Timing is everything (well almost everything)! Warby Parker (online glasses company) timed the market perfect. They came up with a less expensive way to sell glasses at a time when everyone was looking to save money (right after the crash in 2008). Now…they’re a billion dollar company. You think timing was everything for these guys to get the most exposure possible? Yeah.

Are you doing the same with your social media?

The time you post on your social media is valuable (Yes, I’m just starting to learn this). Posting at times when your followers are on and active is important to get maximum exposure. I’ll add this in for all of you cynics, yes you need to post quality content. Your content should bring value to your readers.

Okay, so let’s assume that you’re already writing amazing content or providing an awesome product or service (glad we’ve got that settled). Now when you go to post on social media you should make sure you know when your peeps are online. I’ll be honest with you this is gonna take some time and effort on your part to test your posts and see when you’re getting the most hits. You’ll have to spend sometime on different platforms to see where you followers hang out (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and then find out what time they’re on together. I’m still in that phase myself…but I’ve done a lot of research and have seen what others say are the best times to post on different platforms. Again these times might not be when your specific niche is online, but it’s a good place to start.

Facebook: 1-4 PM is usually the best time during the week. Saturdays are better during the morning because busy people are getting caught up on their social media at that time. Another tip for Facebook, post shorter/quicker content during the week, that’s when people are busiest. Saturdays, are better for your longer posts as people have more time to spend on social media.

Instagram: Experts say between 5-6 PM when people are getting off work are normally the best time to post to Instagram. I’ve been posting at 8:30 AM and have had fairly good results.

Twitter: Honestly the lifespan of a tweet is so short that it’s actually best to post 5-10 times a day. Times vary but spread them throughout the day to see when you get the best interaction with the people who follow you.

Pinterest: 8-11 PM is recommended by a lot of experts. People home from work, with the kids in bed 🙂

Snapchat: Similar to Twitter, there isn’t an exact time for Snapchat. The lifespan is pretty short so post through out the day.

I haven’t really used Tumblr or Google+ so I don’t have as much information on those platforms.

Conclusion: The important thing is that you start strategizing your social media posts. The first step is to make sure you are posting at the right times. Test the times above, look at your engagement and exposure and find out if you should try different times.

Question: What industry are you in and what are the best times you’ve found to post on social media?

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