5 Items You Should Put in Your Instagram Bio…

5 Items You Should Put in Your Instagram Bio…

When it comes to succeeding in life you have to love the journey. You have to want to progress and continue to do so until you’re either satisfied or you’ve achieved everything you set out to do. Well the next step for my Instagram journey will be beefing up my bio. Here are some of the items I’ve researched are necessary for your Instagram Bio…

5 Items you should put in your bio:

  1. Name: This one is pretty obvious, you have to put a name. There are several strategies for this. For Influencers you should put your name or the name of your brand. For example the account @millionaire_mentor is ran by @jason_stone. In his Millionaire Mentor account he has Millionaire Mentor as his name not Jason Stone, in his Jason Stone account it’s Jason Stone. For businesses you’ll probably want to put the name of your business for example @sweettoothfairy has “Sweet Tooth Fairy” pretty self-explanatory. Lastly something that a lot of people have been doing lately is putting what they do as their name i.e. Jeremy McGilvrey put “Instagram Expert” as his name. That way when people type in “Instagram” or “Instagram Expert” his name will pop up. So if you are a foodie you could put “Food Expert” or “Cake Enthusiast.” Pretty smart way to get discovered.
  2. What You Do (if you’re a business): To put your Instagram in “business mode” you go to settings, scroll down until you see “switch to business account.” Click it and follow the steps (you need a Facebook page dedicated to your business in order to switch over). After you do that you can select “what you do,” such as “blogger” or “photographer,” etc (it’ll show up in light grey writing).
  3. Introduction: You have 2-3 sentences to describe yourself, what you do and catch the attention of viewers. Be creative, fun, cool, and relevant. Only write what you ACTUALLY are going to post about. Bullet points are a good route. Make sure you space out each sentence to make it look clean. Putting in a cool quote is always attractive as well. Example: @garyvee has 3 sentences, 2 describing himself and one promoting something he provides.
  4. Emojis: Seriously…throw in some emojis it’ll add to the capture of people passing by. Check out @lewishowes for excellent usage of Emojis.
  5. Link: Put a link to your website, email, landing page, blog, YouTube Channel, etc. This is the one thing I’m going to change. Currently I have a link to this blog. Right now I’m working on a specific post for Instagram that goes over everything that I’ve learned so far about growing a following. Hopefully making it more relevant and interesting to people stopping by.

Conclusion: What you put in your Instagram Bio is important. It’s what is going to attract people and ultimately lead them to follow you. Overall be yourself, be creative, and continue to test different bios to see which one you like the best. As always, after your bio, post good content. 🙂

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