Social Media Stats…

Social Media Stats…

Every month we want to start sharing our Social Media stats to show the growth we’ve had, the losses we’ve taken, and the lessons we’ve learned from the previous month. Growing a following can be difficult, but it’s all about the process and journey, so we want to share ours with you. We’ll try to be as open as possible about what we’re doing and the methods/strategies we are implementing to provide as much insight as we can to you to help grow your social media as well. As always if we miss anything, skip anything, or you’d like to see more, let us know so we can continue to improve. Here at I Just Want To Be Wealthy we’re constantly trying to pivot to actual value, so be sure to let us know in the comment section below or email us at Also if you do find this beneficial be sure to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Thanks!

February/March Stats: 

With this being the first Social Media Stat review I thought it would be best to show both February and March so there is something to compare…

Facebook: There was an increase of followers on Facebook due mainly to working with Facebook groups (liking other bloggers pages for a like on my page). Honestly even though we had nearly 50 new followers the engagement hasn’t increased a ton. While I do recommend working with Facebook groups, doing like for likes hasn’t been super successful because they’ve liked the page but don’t interact past that point. Doing a share for share would probably be better for that.

Instagram: If you’ve read the past couple social media posts, Instagram has been where we’ve seen the most growth. Not only has the number of followers increased but the engagement has as well. When first posting, the average like and comment was 90/7ish. It increased to 115/12ish about a third of the way through March. Halfway through we were at about 130/15. We’re now averaging 160/20 per post. Obviously each post fluctuates but we’ve seen a steady growth in both comments and likes which has been great.

Twitter: I hit Twitter really hard when I first started the blog, but have since slowed down on it. Twitter is actually a really good networking platform, especially with other bloggers. Eventually I’ll hit this hard again but for now it’s Instagram. *While I do have the most followers on Twitter the engagement is not nearly as good so it is a misleading number.

Pinterest: Pinterest has been known as the traffic king for bloggers. I haven’t focused on it at all which is definitely NOT good, luckily my wife has agreed to help me a little with it so I can start to build it up a little more, because I really shouldn’t be ignoring it.

Next Month Goals: 

Here are the number goals that I have for the month of April…

New Strategies:

How am I going to reach these numbers?

Facebook: I want to increase this number but also increase engagement on Facebook. The biggest thing with Facebook is asking more people to share our content. With more shares comes a greater reach, and more audience. So improving the quality of the content we put out and physically asking people to share it.

Instagram: Last week I finished a three part series on Instagram. I ended the series with a 30 day challenge. I must admit I didn’t get a good start on it, so with it being a new month I’m going to start the challenge in April.

1.Find one Instagrammer a week to do a share for share.

2.Once a week post a Tag Someone/Question caption.

3.Do an Instagram Story/Live everyday for the next 30 days.

This is going to be my strategy for the next month to DOUBLE my following on Instagram!

Twitter: I could spend a little more time building my relationships on Twitter. Even though I’ve said I’m going all in on Instagram, I want to make sure that the other platforms still are up to date so I’ll be spending a little time on Twitter building those relationships and getting a few extra followers along the way.

Pinterest: My wife is my strategy. I’ve really done nothing except set up a page for Pinterest. I’ll be bouncing off ideas with her to see if we can get it up and running this month.

Conclusion: This month I would like to see a real growth in our social media. Along with the strategies already mentioned above, two things I plan on doing better for the month of April. First, planning out the posts in advance. Second brainstorming better more valuable content. What Is Your Best Social Media Your Willing To Share?? Let us know in the comment section below!!

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  1. I really like the idea of measuring and tracking your social media performance. In the engineering side of the world we go to great lengths to make sure everything is tracked and measured. Sometimes it leads to spotting big opportunities for improvement and other times nothing comes of it. The scientific method is scary powerful. Use it to your advantage.

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