I Shut Down The Insta Auto-Bot…

I Shut Down The Insta Auto-Bot…

A couple posts ago I wrote about using an auto-bot for one of my accounts. Well, I decided to shut it down early. I know what you’re thinking…didn’t really give it much of a chance did ya? Here’s the thing. It has taken me to long to learn this about Social Media…it’s social. An auto-bot takes all the social out of it. Yes it was great to have it all automated and frankly it worked pretty well (I’ll show you the numbers in a minute), but it didn’t feel super authentic. With more and more automation in our world people know what’s real and what isn’t. Of course I know a lot of the comments on my posts are Auto-Bots, so when someone comments genuinely I take a lot more time in my reply. Connections are actually built that way.

How Did It Do?

I ran it for a total of 5 days (I was planning on a month). Keep in mind this is a brand new account. I mean you can see that it definitely worked, almost 10 followers a day. The problem was the opportunity lost. It’s suggests that you don’t like, follow, or comment when it’s turned on to not ruin the algorithm. So, I would be scrolling see an opportunity to comment or like a post that would actually provide decent exposure without being promotiony and I couldn’t do it. I just kept missing opportunities that I felt would have really done well. I guess what I’m trying to say is…I can do it better by myself. It’s going to take a lot more work, but end of the day, for me the return is going to be a lot greater.

Who Should Use This?

If you’re new to Instagram and don’t have the time for all the manual stuff, this might actually be a good option. Definitely if you run an inspirational quote page, meme page, or a page that doesn’t require as much social interaction this would be a great option. You can select the type of person you want the bot to follow and go from there. It really is a good way to automate the whole process. At the end of it all I’m not completely against using it like I thought I would, but it should only be used for a specific group of people.

Who Shouldn’t Use This?

If you have a need to be social, as in you’re trying to become an “Instagram Influencer,” or running a business where you have to interact with customers…you shouldn’t use an auto-bot. If you created your Instagram for your blog, YouTube Channel, Vlog, etc. you’re going to want to be more social so I’d stay away from it.


While I’m not completely against using an auto-bot for Instagram, for me you should run it by yourself. Put in the work and make it social, you’ll be more successful that way. It’s going to take longer, it’s going to be harder but you’re following will be real people who you actually know and interact with.

Question: For those of you who have used an auto-bot who would you recommend should use it, who would you say shouldn’t?

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