Be Obsessed with Success: Kevin Hart

Be Obsessed with Success: Kevin Hart

Little known fact about me…I’m 5’5” (like I’ve always said, Imma keep it real with you guys)…that’s on a good day. So, yeah, I’m on the shorter side you could say 🙂 and yes I’ve heard just about every short joke in the book. That’s why whenever I hear of another short person killin’ it I gotta shout them out (Bruno Mars I’m with you brotha)!! The great thing about Kevin Hart, not only is he short, the dude is #teamnosleep. He backs up everything he says with even harder work.

Part 2 of “Be Obsessed with Success!!”

Kevin Hart:

Dream big. Follow your goals. Be Persistent.

Let me ask you something, 5-10 years ago had you heard of Kevin Hart? You might answer “yes,” but I’d say you probably hadn’t. Did you know he was in movies like “Along Came Polly,” “Scary Movies 3 and 4,” “The 40-Year-Old-Virgin,” “Fool’s Gold,” or “Drillbit Taylor?” Those were 10+ years ago, he played minor roles, and even before that he was getting booed off stage. Then out of no where Kevin Hart’s name was/is everywhere! He has blown up Hollywood! In 2014 Kevin Hart was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, she told him that this was “his year.” This was Kevin’s response…

For me you know what, I believe hard work pays off. You know, when you say it’s been my year, it’s my time…Hollywood has a way of making everything seem like an over night success…I have 18 years in the business…I put in my time, I got dues that have been paid, and paid again, and paid one more time after that. I stayed true to my dreams and by doing that eventually they came true.”

Work Tirelessly

I was watching an interview with Usain Bolt, they asked him who or what motivates him to work as hard as he does, he said “Kevin Hart.” Kevin Hart, the 5’4” comedian? Bolt said he follows him on Snapchat and every morning the dude is up early working out. Kevin is an early riser, awake by 4:30-4:45 am ready to hit the gym. He averages only 5 hours of sleep, And that’s when he isn’t touring the world (he played in over 100 shows between June of 2015 to June of 2016) or promoting one of his latest movies. It’s amazing to me that when he puts a new movie out he is everywhere, literally…EVERYWHERE! When he came out with his newest self produced movie “What Now”…a movie/stand up comedy show (he sold-out a stadium with more than 50,000 people attending the show)…you could find him promoting on anything worth promoting. With a quick Google/YouTube search you can find him promoting his show on Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen, Conan, Chelsea…and popular YouTube shows “Hot Ones,” “Fouseytube,” “PrankvsPrank,” and touring all over the world…Just to name a few. I’m tellin’ you guys #teamnosleep.

Be Healthy

Kevin Hart’s workout routine is no joke. He understands the importance of staying fit so that he has the energy to accomplish everything he wants to (even though he jokes about it). In an interview with PEOPLE Magazine Kevin said.

I’m small…I have to be [in shape]. You can’t be small and have a little frame. You’ve got to have something.”

He’s a comedian so naturally there is going to be a joke but the guy is in good shape. I’m not saying you have to spend 60-90 minutes a day and eat only brown rice and chicken like Kevin Hart does (also why he has the body he has), but ever since I started reading about Kevin I make sure to run at least a couple times a week and do push-ups and sit-ups the other days.

I hope you get it, Kevin Hart works hard, he’s everywhere, he promotes like a maniac, he doesn’t sleep, he’s a health nut, he’s currently the highest paid comedian in the world, but is that what makes him obsessed with success? I have to say that’s only part of it…where he really separates himself from everyone else is the knowledge of his craft and sense of being unsatisfied.

Knowledge of his craft-Surround yourself with successful people

We know he has 18 years of experience in his business, the knowledge he’s accumulated from paying attention to every detail and surrounding himself with the right people is unbelievable. In the same interview with Oprah he talked about his mentors being Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, etc…Okay, not all of us have access to those type of people in our industries, I get it. What did he do before he met these guys? He put pictures of the greats on his wall. His goal was to be great so he made sure he was surrounded by greatness, “my drive is other people’s success.” Waking up and seeing Eddie Murphy’s (and Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle, etc.) face everyday, thinking of all he accomplished forced Kevin to reflect on HIS goals and HIS dreams.

Then he goes out and studies these people. Kevin researched what made these comedians great, he took their ideas, added his style and made them his own. During an interview on the show “Sway in the Morning” (YouTube channel “SwaysUniverse”) he was given a quiz, a battle of which comedian was the greatest. He was given two names and had to determine which was the better comedian and why. Hart compared comedians Dave Chappelle, Louis C.K., Robin Williams, and Jim Carrey. I kid you not, he broke each one down, said what made them top comedians and told what he learned from each of them, the take a ways he tried (and tries) to implement in his own comedy acts.

Never be satisfied

Lately, in his interviews Kevin has been talking about his desire to be a mogul (“an important or powerful person, especially in the motion picture or media industry”). He’s never satisfied. Kevin has fame, fortune, health, a beautiful family, anything you could ever want and he still has bigger and better aspirations. That’s what makes him great, what makes him successful.

Take A Ways

  • Dream big. Follow your goals. Be Persistent.
  • Work tirelessly
  • Be healthy
  • Know your craft/Surround yourself with successful people
  • Stay hungry/Never be satisfied


Everyone wants to be wealthy. Everyone wants to live their dreams, but few are willing to put in the sacrifice it takes to achieve it. Kevin Hart proves that sometimes #teamnosleep is what it takes to achieve what you want.

#teamnosleep 🙂

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