Instagram Series: Part III-Instagram Gold

Instagram Series: Part III-Instagram Gold

If you missed parts I and II of the Instagram Series, go back here and here to catch up (or just read the recap below, you might miss out on some stuff though)…

Let’s recap what we’ve gone over so far in the series…

Part I: Pick a Theme-You have to have a cohesive, well thought out, well planned theme. It’s going to stop and attract people who are just passing by (of course you should always post the best content that you can).

Part II: Post daily, plan your posts in advance, and use hashtags that are relevant. Stay consistent in this, remember those who are following you want to see what you are posting (or else they would unfollow you) but also to stay in the mind of people they need to see you posting consistently. Bonus: Build organically.

Those ^^^ are some of the strategies that have helped me double my followers and increase my engagement by nearly 60%. Going forward here are 3 ideas I’ll be testing to see if I can grow even faster, but still keep it organic. I’ll let you know which receives the Instagram Gold (silver and bronze too).

  1. Share for Share: I’ve began reaching out to people with similar followings as I do to do a share for share. I’ve actually had one or two commit, but upon further investigation their engagement was to low (which is why they probably accepted so fast). Going forward I’ll be reaching out to Instagrammers in a similar niche as I am, with similar follower numbers, and similar engagement. I really believe this one is going to be the gold, but I guess we’ll see. Tip: As I mentioned before make sure to check out engagement. The people I reached out to had over 1,000 followers but were getting something like 25 likes all of which were probably from hashtags. Make sure you are checking engagement over everything.
  2. Tag Someone/Question Posts: I really want to up my engagement in the comment section. I’ve done a couple posts where I say “tag a friend who…” or ask a question about a topic I’ve written about to get more comments, but haven’t been consistent with it. The plan is to start doing it once a week and upping it to once every 3 days if it goes well.
  3. Instagram Story/Live: I’ve dabbled in the “Instagram Story” and haven’t touched “Live.” I’m going to start with at least once a day posting a story or something live, another gateway for more content.

Well there you have it. The three strategies/ideas that I’ve researched and now need to test.

Challenge: It’s the end of the three part series so I have to give a challenge! For the next 30 days…

  1. Find one Instagrammer a week to do a share for share.
  2. Once a week post a Tag Someone/Question caption.
  3. Do an Instagram Story/Live everyday for the next 30 days.

Write down how many followers and average engagement (likes/comments) below in the comment section (or do it in private) and after 30 days we’ll have to give a Gold Medal or something to the person who sees the most improvement.

  • Right now I have 735 followers and average (more or less) about 120 likes and 10 comments.

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