Instagram Series: Part 1-Theme

Instagram Series: Part 1-Theme

The two social media platforms I’ve been really focusing on lately have been Facebook and Instagram. You can check out last weeks post on Facebook here. That being said, Instagram has been super fascinating to me as I’ve studied it. So I’ve decided to create a 3 part series on how I’ve been improving my Insta and how you can too.

The first thing you need to figure out if you want to portray a strong brand on Instagram is your theme. When I first heard of “picking an Instagram theme” I immediately thought that was just for fashion/lifestyle bloggers (ignorant I know), but after learning about it I can see how it can portray a strong brand. With social media a lot of times you have a split second to attract people to your feed, (of course you need quality photos, I’m still working on that one) when your photos have the same cohesive look it has that immediate attraction. Keeping the person on your feed long enough to decide if they are interested in what you’re posting about is half the battle.

Here are 5 categories to consider when selecting your theme…

1. Choose one subject

Take @dunk for example. He does social growth and strategy for Gary Vaynerchuk. On his personal feed he posts about basketball. That’s his subject, and he has absolutely KILLED IT with over 2 Million followers. So picking a certain subject that people are interested in is a good theme strategy.

2. Consistent with color or hue

@benjaminpatch is a photographer out of Utah. He’s known for this golden brown color ^^^. His feed is super cohesive making it aesthetically pleasing to look at. And let’s face it people are crazy about his photos!

3. Tell a story or your journey

This photography/videography/blogging/traveling couple tell a story with their Instagram feeds. The one above ^^^ is @haileydevine but her husband @bradleydevine is just as talented on the Gram! Tell a story or show your journey with your feed, at the end of the day people enjoy stories!

4. Do the same edit

I’m not trying to give myself a shoutout just want to show you the theme I’ve chosen (although if you aren’t following us on Instagram give us a holla @wanttobewealthy, thanks😉). I have edited all my photos in black and white (except for one photo, side note once you post a photo you can’t go back and edit the actual photo. You have to take it down, edit it and then repost it. It was to late for this photo and I liked it so I kept it up. 10 points for whoever finds the photo in color, haha). So if you edit your photos edit them the same way.

5. Post pictures from the same angle

I couldn’t find an example of this one but I remember seeing several feeds and thinking it was a clever idea. Take photos with a view looking down, looking up or any other angle just keep it the same to have the cohesive look.

Conclusion: Part 1 choose a theme to start building a strong brand. Then be consistent with that theme.

QUESTION: What other Instagram feed themes have you seen? What do you plan on using or already use?

3 thoughts on “Instagram Series: Part 1-Theme

  1. Wow, thanks for this! So useful, I went back into my posts and examined my posting pattern. I don’t have a set theme at the moment. I think a lot of it comes from just finding your identity as a blogger. I will try mixing real life pictures with blog posts eye-catchers. I have seen some that are so creative! I like what you’re doing with yours and the black and white theme. Great job!

    1. It’s true, as a blogger it’s hard to really figure what you want to go for. I’ve pivoted like 5 times and will probably 5 more times when all is said and done! Yeah that’s a good idea, documenting your story is always a good idea! Thanks man, it’s been fun so far we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for reading!

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