I’m Going to Use an Auto-Bot…

I’m Going to Use an Auto-Bot…

About a week ago I said I was going all in on Instagram (well seriously considering it,read more on that here). In doing so I mentioned I started several other Instagram accounts in different niches to allow me the flexibility to test different methods. In doing so I’ll be able to see which ones work the best in growing a following.

I’ve seen a lot of growth in my account for this blog @wanttobewealthy(now consistently hitting 175 likes and +/- 30 comments), but it has been a slow steady process. Currently I spend anywhere between 1-2 hours a day liking, commenting, and DMing different people all of it with me personally writing each comment and double tapping each photo. Bathroom breaks, in between calls, while stretching before a run, I’ve found time to hustle on Instagram.

In a way the slow, steady process has been great, it’s been very organic and engagement has seen a steady climb. That being said there is always room to test and improve. The first test is using an Auto-Bot. You know the random comments on your photos that say “great pic, check out my feed” or “wow this is amazing” on the picture of you at your grandmas funeral. Yup, I’m using one of those…Bear with me…

How To Make It Less Spammy:

There are several ways that I plan on making this less spammy and more authentic.

1. No Phrases For Comments: Instead of writing “thanks for sharing” I plan on only using emojis such as,,. There will still be the risk of commenting on someones photo about how they lost there job with a,but it’s less awkward than writing “this is beautiful.”

2. No Unfollowing: One reason these auto-bots work is they follow people to get you more exposure. The problem is, they follow you, when you follow back…they unfollow you. This is why nobody trusts people who follow them. Naturally I don’t want to be this spammy so when my auto-bot follows someone and they follow back, I’ve made it so that it won’t unfollow them afterwards.

3. Only Follow People In My Niche: I’ve made sure to pick very specific subjects for each account so that the followers will be in a very specific niche. I’ve only selected hashtags, locations, and accounts that have to do only with my subject. Those should be the only people who are getting a follow, comment or like. That way if I’m a dog blogger hopefully I’m not trying to follow a cat account.

I’ll be running this experiment for a month. The biggest things I’ll be looking for will be engagement, the follow to follower ratio, and overall growth. Again right now I’m starting at ground zero. I had 23 followers as of this morning. I’ll have a full report on the auto-bot a month from now.

P.S. The auto-bot I’ve decided to use is called Instagress for anyone who would like to check it out.

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