Half-Way Stats…

Half-Way Stats…

Halfway through the month wanted to do a quick update on how we’re doing with our Social Media goals. Where we are at and where we need to get to in the next two weeks. First a quick reminder of what our goals were and how we planned on reaching them… 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

New Strategies:

How am I going to reach these numbers?

Facebook: I want to increase this number but also increase engagement on Facebook. The biggest thing with Facebook is asking more people to share our content. With more shares comes a greater reach, and more audience. So improving the quality of the content we put out and physically asking people to share it.

Instagram: Last week I finished a three part series on Instagram. I ended the series with a 30 day challenge. I must admit I didn’t get a good start on it, so with it being a new month I’m going to start the challenge in April.

1.Find one Instagrammer a week to do a share for share.

2.Once a week post a “Tag Someone/Question caption.”

3.Do an Instagram Story/Live everyday for the next 30 days.

This is going to be my strategy for the next month to DOUBLE my following on Instagram!

Twitter: I could spend a little more time building my relationships on Twitter. Even though I’ve said I’m going all in on Instagram, I want to make sure that the other platforms still are up to date so I’ll be spending a little time on Twitter building those relationships and getting a few extra followers along the way.

Pinterest: My wife is my strategy. I’ve really done nothing except set up a page for Pinterest. I’ll be bouncing off ideas with her to see if we can get it up and running this month.

How we’ve done so far:

*The numbers in green are how much we’ve increased from the actual total from last month.

Facebook: Straight up I’ve slacked on Facebook. I’ve done a couple posts asking people to tag friends but other than that not much. I got my work cut out for me if I want to reach the goal of 200. My strategy remains the same going forward (-43).

Instagram: We’re a little behind on achieving our goal of 1,650 here but there has been a pretty big improvement so far. Most of the posts are receiving on average 200+ likes and 40 comments which is great to see (-507).

What has worked: Hustling. Actually spending time on Instagram commenting, interacting, DMing people to gain exposure (plus all the little things such as adding a location and using 20 hashtags).

1. Find one Instagrammer a week to do a share for share. (I haven’t been able to find one that has a quality following so far, but I do have one lined up for next week if all goes well).

2. Once a week post a “Tag Someone/Question caption.” (I’ve done this for the first two weeks!!).

3. Do an Instagram Story/Live everyday for the next 30 days. (I wanted to do this daily but I’m only averaging 2-3 a week which is definitely not enough to be successful on Instagram, especially with how much it has blown up. I’ll definitely be focusing on this one).

Twitter: I really haven’t focused to much on Twitter and it shows. Once I have Facebook and Instagram a little more established I’ll move on to Twitter (-169).

Pinterest: Kate has been super busy, so hasn’t really had time to help with Pinterest and although it’s a really good platform for bloggers I haven’t really dug into it. Hopefully I can spend a little more time on this going forward (-30).

Conclusion: I’m a little behind on every platform as far as my personal goals, but we are seeing growth which is always encouraging. What are you doing to grow your social media following?

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