Going All In…

Going All In…

When first starting your blog/vlog/YouTube channel/business/etc. when it comes to social media, I’ve learned you should find really focus on one platform at least in the beginning (maybe two if you’re really good). You really need to find out where your people are. Where the people who would actually follow your journey or business. It might take some time and energy to figure out which platform your crowd congregates but once you figure it out…you need to go all in.

It’s like dating. You go on dates, meet new people, connect with some, and figure out right away it’s not going to work with others. Then you find someone you really like, and they really like what you. You continue to test the waters by “going steady.” You have one foot in, but aren’t ready to commit everything to this person. Then after a while you decide that this person is the right one for you, so you go all in and get married. Once you find out which platform is best for you, you have to marry it…

For me I’m ready to take it to the next step. I’ve tried Twitter, Facebook, dabbled with Pintrest but it’s time to become official with the ‘gram. In the last month I’ve more than doubled my following and engagement. Am I ready to marry it yet? Not quite but it’s time to turn the heat up a little bit. So for the next couple months my main focus will be on Instagram. Will I still post on Twitter and Facebook? Of course, but I’ll be spending most of my time learning the ins and outs of Instagram and how to build a following on that platform.

Here’s the plan…I’ve created three accounts (including my personal one) and plan on using different strategies on growing them to see which ones work the best. I’ve tried to be as anonymous as possible on the two new accounts because I want them to be as non-bias and organic as possible. As it grows, I’ll let you know which strategies work, and which are a waste of time.

Sooo, be on the look out for tips, tricks, strategies (more than the 3 part Instagram Series we just got done with).

QUESTION: What strategy has worked for you so far on Instagram? Comment Below!

4 thoughts on “Going All In…

  1. Love the dating analogy. My strategy is Twitter for connecting with other bloggers (main focus to-date). Facebook drives good traffic organically but I put little effort in over there. I should start on FB. Right now I’m trying to crack the Pinterest nut because that site drives the best traffic.

    Will be interested to hear how IG goes for you. Good luck!

    1. Haha thanks man! Yeah Twitter definitely is one of the better platforms for networking, I agree. I’ve done FB, struggled a little, I’m not giving up on it just shifting my focus a little. I didn’t mention this in the article but my wife has agreed to help with Pintrest because like you said people kill it on there (so I’m cheating with that one, haha). Thanks, appreciate it. Hopefully some good comes of it!!

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