End of Month Stats + Goals…

End of Month Stats + Goals…

Every month we are sharing our Social Media stats to show the growth we’ve had, the losses we’ve taken, and the lessons we’ve learned from the previous month. Growing a following can be difficult, but it’s all about the process and journey, so we want to share ours with you. We’ll try to be as open as possible about what we’re doing and the methods/strategies we are implementing to provide as much insight as we can to you to help grow your social media as well. As always if we miss anything, skip anything, or you’d like to see more, let us know so we can continue to improve. Here at I Just Want To Be Wealthy we’re constantly trying to pivot to give actual value, so be sure to let us know in the comment section below or email us at mcclain@ijustwanttobewealthy.com. Also if you do find this beneficial be sure to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Thanks!

Last Months Goals:

Actual Stats:

Difference-How much we increased or decreased since last month (not compared to our goals, but our actuals).

Facebook: Yoooo, we lost a Facebook Follower 😢 …Facebook wasn’t kind to us last month, obviously it wasn’t our big focus and with the new algorithm it killed us even more. Less people saw our stuff then last month, but we were able to be pretty consistent in posting.

Instagram: We nearly hit our goal of doubling our Instagram following. That’s the good news! At one point we increased our engagement to 400+ likes and 50+ comments. I stopped hustling and that number has dropped to even less then half at the end of the month. Pretty disappointing, but the positive is even though our hustle engagement has dropped our foundation engagement has increased.

Twitter: +13 is a good number seeing that I didn’t focus much on Twitter. Again, we posted consistently but not a big focus.

Pinterest: Literally the only time I even checked Pinterest was to see how many followers I had, so a plus 1 is a positive.

Next Months Goals:

Here are the number goals for the month of May…

New Strategies:

How am I going to reach these numbers?

Facebook: I lowered my goal for Facebook for this month. Last months number was a little ambitious seeing as I haven’t focused on it. This month the plan is to be more active in posting other people’s content. Provide value to others!

Instagram: I hit Insta hard last month and nearly doubled our following. The engagement was on the up and up, but then it all dropped when I took a little break. Obviously that isn’t ideal, means not real engagement. So this month the focus will be on engagement. I don’t want to become one of those accounts that has a million followers but gets 90 likes and 5 comments. The strategy? Be more social.

Twitter: I could spend a little more time building my relationships on Twitter. I’ll be spending a little time on Twitter building those relationships and getting a few extra followers along the way.

Pinterest: Drum Roll Please…Pinterest is going to be my new focus. I’ve learned a ton about Instagram, with that I’ve started running out of things to write about. I’m going to continue doing my thing, learning all I can on Insta, but the new focus is Pinterest. Why Pinterest? I know absolutely nothing about it. I know a little about the other three platforms, but nothing about Pinterest. Plus it’s a good platform for bloggers so it’ll be good to learn more about it.

Conclusion: This month is the month of Pinterest! What Is Your Best Social Media Tip You’re Willing To Share?? Let us know in the comment section below!!

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