Do You Even Plan??

Do You Even Plan??

At my work we had to take this “Strength Finders Test.” In the test it tells you, your top five traits which are supposed to tell how to better communicate with your co-workers. I’ll admit it’s pretty cool to learn a little more about yourself and the people you work with. Anyway one of my traits was “achiever,” which means that I have this “constant need for achievement.” Due to this need, most achievers hate disorganization, and one way they combat this disorganization is planning…

I’ll admit even being a so called “achiever” I’m not always the best planner. When I do it, I feel great, things run smooth, get done with better quality and on time! When I don’t it’s always a scramble to just get something done. I still have a long way to go with this planning stuff, but there is one area that I have improved a lot with planning…planning my posts for Instagram. Here are five things that I’ve learned that we should take into account when planning for Instagram.

  1. When To Plan: This may seem like a simple one but picking a specific day and time to plan your week is crucial. The reason…it needs to become a habit. I plan my posts for the next week on Monday, on that Mondays I know what I need to take into account for the upcoming week.
  2. Pictures: Planning ahead when and where you’re going to take photos is important. For me if I’m going on a trip, setting aside time to take photos is very helpful otherwise I won’t remember to snap any (especially if it’s for business). If I know I’m going to be working late one night, it’s important take a couple pics to show work actually being put in, not just me promoting it. The more you can plan ahead, the better prepared you’ll be to snap quality photos. And yes, to be perfectly clear, sometimes it’s good to be spontaneous and capture fun moments, but make sure to plan times as well (it’ll help with consistency).
  3. Promotion: …I run a blog, I post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On those days I plan on promoting my blog post. If you run a business and have a new product coming out, or a collaboration you’re working on, plan to promote that in advance. Same with anything else you’re working on, make plans of what you need to promote that week and when you need to do it.
  4. What Current Events Are Happening: A great way to promote your Instagram feed is by using relevant hashtags. Not only relevant to your post but relevant to current events in the world. In my opinion the only time you should use a current world event hashtag is when you post is actually relevant to that. For example, Easter is coming up, then Mother’s day and summer, etc. Plan ahead for events so you can have a quality, but relevant photo ready and use trending hashtags when they come up.
  5. Timing, Timing, Timing: Plan what time you’re going to post your photo. A lot of this has to do with research. Find out when your following is online and post then. This takes some digging into the stats but it can help with exposure. Also the time you post on Monday may be different then Saturday. So know what times are best to post on each day and plan accordingly.

Conclusion: Plan your Instagram posts! You’ll sleep easier and the quality of your work will increase. Not to mention that taking the time to be ready for current events, know what you’re promoting, and where to take photos, you’ll get more Instagram exposure.

If you’re a planner, let us know any tips you might have with planning in the comments below. If you’re not commit to start planning ahead this week!

4 thoughts on “Do You Even Plan??

  1. Hey McClain, I love talking about planning! It’s kinda my thing. My 9 to 5 is to plan multi-million dollar projects and make sure everything goes to plan. My biggest tip for improving planning is to remember that the purpose of planning to minimize the chance things going wrong and maximize the chance of things going right. People are usually very good at one or the other, but you really need to balance both to do good planning.

      1. The trick to separating the two is to only think good thoughts for a specific amount of time and then switch over to negative things and then only allow negative events to be discussed. If you allow crossing over and back and forth it allows people to slide back to their comfort zone.

        1. Kind of reminds me of something I read about Walt Disney where he had three rooms. A creative room. A how can we make this happen room and a critique room. I think that’s really good advice.

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