Did You Know This About Facebook??

Did You Know This About Facebook??

Real Talk: I don’t have a lot of followers on Facebook (so if you aren’t following, hook a brotha up and hit that like button). Straight up, that means I have some work to do, so naturally I’ve been studying the crap out of Facebook.

Here’s the thing about Facebook, it uses an algorithm to determine what’s shown on our feeds.

Our goal is to build the perfect personalized newspaper for every person in the world,” -Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO)

That means for us as small businesses and entrepreneurs in order for our posts on Facebook to be shown more often we need more engagement right? If the goal of Zuck and co. is to provide “the perfect personalized newspaper” and we aren’t getting likes, comments, shares, or clicks…our posts are pushed to the back (obviously they’ll still be seen, just a lot less).

“Okay, great Mac, now we know the algorithm how do we get more likes, comments, shares, and clicks?”

Glad you asked…

It’s really pretty simple, find who’s having success on Facebook, with a lot of likes, comments, shares, clicks, etc, and reverse engineer what they’re doing (okay it’s not that simple, but it’s a good place to start).

Lucky for you I’ve already done some of the research.

Here’s my strategy for the next month:

1.) Focus on the quality of posts.

It really is just a fact of social media, nobody is going to like or share anything if it doesn’t provide them some type of value (even if it’s a simple laugh or tear jerker). I know it’s obvious, but lets be honest most people are thinking me, me, me…I gotta get mine. By simply providing quality posts that actually give value to readers our posts are going to standout.

Interestingly, posting inspirational quotes actually do fairly well on Facebook. So #motivationmonday will probably play a role (not to much though because head in the cloud stuff ends up being crap half the time).

2.) Look at the amount of times to post a day.

Listen man, you look up “FB experts” on Google and they say the top Facebookers post once a day? Then you look at guys like Gary Vaynerchuk or Neil Patel and they’re posting several times a day (especially Gary). Really it depends on your audience and if your content is crap or not. If your followers get bugged because you’re spamming them, you are probably going to want to scale back. If you aren’t getting any interaction you may not be posting enough. You have to do some testing with this. According to “science” it’s best to post at 9 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm on Facebook, so for me I picked two of those times to post a day (for more on timing go here). I’ll check engagement, assess and re-evaluate. Be on the look out! 🙂

3.) Use relevant hashtags.

This one is a little more set in stone as far as the stats go. Only use hashtags if they’re relevant and necessary (again I know…duh). Do not use more than 1-2 hashtags per post, the engagement drop off from 2 hashtags to 3 is pretty substantial (like almost 200-500 interactions). Conclusion…only use them when relevant and when you do only 1-2!

4.) Ask questions.

The hope for this is more interaction with followers. Asking questions allows people to express their thoughts and opinions causing more engagement.* Engagement is important. Asking questions provokes thought and ideas.

*Reply to each comment (especially at the beginning)!

5.) Call to action.

Again this is for more interaction and dialogue with followers. The hope here is to have people tag their friends, hit the like button, or provide content on your post…to get them involved and help build the community. Even simply asking for people to like or share your post (although that may seem pretty obvious) will really be a big help, especially with your already loyal followers.

Alright so Imma be straight with you…at this very moment I have 110 followers on my Facebook page. The goal is to increase the followers to 200 in a month (this is being written on March 1, 2017 so I’ll report back on April 1, 2017).

Question: What Facebook strategies are you using?

P.S. Seriously though…hit that follow button on Facebook, much appreciated 🙂

2 thoughts on “Did You Know This About Facebook??

  1. Sharing is the game changer. Do what you can to encourage people to share. Of course if you have spectacular content people will share, but I’ve found that being honest and upfront with people works. Tell them what you’re doing, what your purpose is, and who you’re trying to help and show them how much it means to you when they share.

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