Creating the Life You Want: Made By Mary

Creating the Life You Want: Made By Mary

Seriously, I keep saying it but these interviews are so fun. I’ve really enjoyed meeting with and picking the brains of successful young business owners. It has certainly kept me motivated and hopefully given you ideas and insight to start your own thing/business. As always if you missed the last interview it was with an amazing young couple who started selling clothes in their basement and now own a successful online and retail clothing shop. You can check that out here.

Okay Mompreneurs get ready, (of course there’s a lot of great stuff if you’re not a mom as well)! Mary Moody is a Mom of two boys, wife to her sweetheart Taylor and a successful young business owner. She started her business “Made by Mary” to help create the life she envisioned for herself and her family. Made by Mary is a handcrafted jewelry (necklaces/bracelets/etc) shop that “hand-cuts every bar from raw sheets of metal, stamps each letter one-by-one, files the rough edges, polishes, cleans, and, finally, thoughtfully packages each piece.” Shameless plug for Mary, I thought her necklaces were so great I bought my mom one for Mother’s day!

How did you get started with Made by Mary?

Mary’s dad had always been an entrepreneur which helped in her desire to pursue her passions and start something on her own. 2012 came like the perfect storm. Mary and Taylor were on a tight budget, and they had just had their first child, Myles. Mary had postpartum depression and wasn’t able to get out much. For work she was teaching English to Koreans over the phone for extra money. The hours were terrible, in the middle of the night (serious props to Mary working late at night with a newborn!!). The stress of a new baby, the hours at her job, and having to know where every dollar was going was just to much (there was times when she wouldn’t drive anywhere because it was gas money). Mary had, had enough. I guess you could say, she was sick and tired of being sick and tired. She was ready for something more. Around the same time Mary was given a hand stamped necklace that she looooved, and couldn’t take off. She had just learned about Etsy, and started researching how to create hand stamped necklaces. In December Taylor received a bonus, and Mary asked him if they could use it to purchase the tools necessary for her to start making jewelry. It was a big deal at the time because for them it was a significant amount. Taylor backed her up and she went for it, opening an Etsy shop the next May. Not advertising anything, just relying on word of mouth.

A lot of people research and research, then never do anything. What pushed you to take action?

Mary: “The desperation for a happier and improved quality of life. I wanted to succeed and I wanted to support my family. I also wanted to lift some of the financial burden. I was so motivated that I didn’t even think about failing.”

Being a mom and an Entrepreneur how do you balance the two?

Mary: “It’s kind of rough.”

At the beginning it wasn’t to bad because she didn’t have enough business to take away time from being with her children. Her business really started taking off when she had her second son Roman.

Mary:”I guess you have to have really good boundaries, I didn’t really understand that because I was never busy enough to have to do that, but always knew in the back of my mind that being a mom comes first and it still remains that way. What I learned is that if your business starts gaining momentum you hire as soon as you can. You hire out those little things that others can do.

Up until about 18 months ago my kids would be home and I would just take breaks through out the work day. I would work get a lot accomplished during their nap time and work around them. They would watch more movies than I’d like to admit, but then I hired a nanny to help. Now that they are older, they both go to pre-school and a part time daycare.”

She picks them up in the early afternoon and the rest of the day is focused on them.

Mary: “It’s been hard because I’m not full-time on my business and want to be to grow my business faster. But then there are moments where I need to step back and be present with my boys, but it’s worth it if you’re providing your kids with the value and the attention they need instead of sitting and watching movies. My only regret would be is that I didn’t get help sooner.”

Where do you get your motivation? You’ve established yourself now, but don’t have a co-owner or anyone to report to, where does the motivation come from?

Mary: “I am really motivated with goals. I set a number and am really motivated by that. I’m motivated by the network and connections I’ve made through my business. I like working with other people and hearing their stories and I like that my product is meaningful so people tend to open up. Also to keep jobs for my employees, I want to be able to give them more hours and more opportunity. Taylor has also gotten more involved now that we’ve launched our new website (check it out at

Side Note: I thought this was a pretty cool tip.

Mary hires through Instagram, she hires people who are already aware of her business and stoked about the opportunity. People that already feel the sense of the community and brand behind Made by Mary.

What tip do you have for someone who wants to do well on Instagram?

Mary: “Gaining followers is really tricky. I’ve never purchased a follower, I’ve never purchased a like. Giveaways have been helpful from the start. Consistency is key (post everyday), your content needs to be good and appealing, giveaways are good, and reaching out to people.” Mary started using Instagram when there were fewer businesses, but now everyone uses Instagram for their business making it saturated. She said they are shifting focus to other social media outlets like Facebook and Pinterest. She also suggested working with bloggers because blog posts carry a lot of views.

Leisure Round: Get to know a little more about the young successful business owners we interview with these get to know you questions (Everyone has lightening rounds for questioning here at I Just Want To Be Wealthy we have a leisure round where you can answer the questions at your own leisure).

Who would you pick to spend an entire day with and what would you do?

Susan Peterson from Freshly Picked.

Mary: “She was a huge inspiration for me, I would just want to pick her brain because we have a lot of similarities and she’s a genius with marketing.

There is also one other person I would want to meet, I would want to meet Tony Robbins. I would want him to break me down and tell me ways I can improve on my life. There is a lot of things I would want to overcome and improve upon.”

What is your biggest fear?

Mary: “My biggest fear is not living up to my potential. I feel like with all that I’ve been blessed with, I have a voice, what am I doing with it? How am I making a difference? How am I giving back? I have all the things I need to be successful.”

Do you get 8 hours of sleep? (Question was stolen from Nathan Latka on “The Top Podcast”)

Mary: “Yes! I don’t function with out sleep.”

What is your favorite book, podcast, blog, etc?

Smart and Passive Income” Pat Flynn (podcast)

If you had to completely start over from zero, what is one tip or piece of advice you would give to yourself?

Mary: “I would probably say…Mary believe in yourself more, just have more courage, because I’m very cautious. And hire sooner. And the third thing (we said it was okay to give herself three pieces of advice here, haha), it’s okay to have someone help you with your kids, that was really hard for me.”

If you want to follow Mary and her business check her out on Instagram and Facebook at @madebymarywithlove or check out her new website at

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