Have You Considered Starting A Blog? If Not You Should!!

Have You Considered Starting A Blog? If Not You Should!!

I could probably spend all day talking about the benefits of blogging.

I could say that you’ll become a better writer and communicator.

I would probably mention that in a social media world it’s important to have a voice that stands out and makes you unique.

I would talk about how it’ll probably become a money making side hustle if you take the right steps.

I’d say things about how it helps you learn to learn, do research, and communicate your thoughts clearly.

I could talk about becoming an influencer and building an audience…buuuut I’m not gonna do that.

Here’s what I will say…you should blog if you’re passionate about a subject or topic and want to provide others with different perspectives and added knowledge in that industry.

WHAT is a Blog & WHO Should Become a Blogger??

When blogs first became a thing they were known as “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that was written in an informal or conversational style.” Basically…an online journal. Now if that’s the reason you want to blog, to get your thoughts out there in the world…that’s great I say go for it, but in the present day it has the potential to be so much more! There are lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, personal finance bloggers, sports bloggers, mom bloggers, entrepreneur bloggers, (etc.) who are making a KILLING, from a laptop, in their living room, sitting in their underwear. Now, I gotta be straight with you…results may vary, blogging can seem glamorous on the outside and yes it’s true you can make a lot of money, but it’ll probably take some time and will definitely require consistent effort. Like anything though, if you put in that hustle it can be your hustle.

Here’s the good news, creating a blog is super simple. If you’re ready to hit the ground running Click Here, check out a free video we made to help get your blog up and running in less then 15 minutes!

So who should blog? Honestly, anyone who feels they have something to say should blog (pretty broad I know, haha). Seriously though there are a million reasons to start writing…

  • You’re a Small Business Owner
    • Is a person more likely to purchase something from someone they know or someone they don’t know? (Haha, I know, I know…duh) Blogging gives small business owners a platform to show their personality and connect with their customers. It allows people to see the face behind the business and make real connections. It also allows owners to provide more details on their products and services. It’s a great outlet for marketing and selling.
  • You Want to Create Side Income or Full-Time Income
    • In the beginning you may not make enough to completely quit your 9-5 but it could definitely be a nice income booster. Eventually if you’re consistent and provide enough value you can make it a full-time gig.
  • It’s a Resume Builder
    • When you run a blog it gives you a ton of experience in digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, customer relations, photography, sales, the list goes on.
  • It Gives You a Voice (You Become an Influencer)
    • If you want to become an influencer, blogging is the perfect platform to give you a voice. If you are already an influencer, it’s another outlet to get your message out there.
  • It Creates Opportunity
    • When you provide a ton of value to others, I mean you really help them, it’s going to create other opportunities for you. A lot of bloggers get freelance writing gigs, they get consulting deals, or even speaking arrangements. You aren’t limited to only making money on your site.
  • Simply, It Gives You a Creative Outlet
    • Maybe you just want an online journal. Write your thoughts down, document your life or whatever, that’s great.

The list goes on but I think you get the picture.

Really quick I will add this…If you don’t like writing or aren’t looking to improve your writing, blogging is probably not your thing. Lastly, if you’re looking to get rich quick, I’m telling you now…blogging is not for you.

What Should You Blog About?

Let me begin by saying, there is literally a niche or group of people for just about every subject. So if you don’t know what to blog about because you don’t know if people are going to like your topic, or they aren’t going to read your stuff, trust me…when you provide good insight and valuable content on anything, people are going to read it. If you have something you are super passion about, then that should be your topic, period!

Now if you still want to blog but really have no idea what to write about, no worries just take these steps…

  1. Write down all skills you’ve developed
  2. Write down all of the knowledge you’ve obtained (through work, reading, YouTubing, Googling, etc.)
  3. Write down any challenges that you’ve been able to overcome

If nothing sticks out to you between your lists consider the following…

  • Is there a problem in that market that isn’t being answered?
    • Is there something missing in a niche you’re in? Something that you know that other people aren’t answering on their platforms?
  • How big will the actual audience be?
    • I know, I know, I said that there is a group of people for pretty much any topic, but come on…naturally there are certain subjects that are more popular than others. Pick the most popular.
  • How saturated is the competition?
    • There are literally a million girls trying to become fashion bloggers, that might not be the best topic to use. *I do have to add this caveat however…you can blog about ANYTHING that you want (yes, including fashion), even if it’s super saturated. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t. Find a way to jump the curve, find a way to stand out and be noticed. It might be a little harder, but it’s always possible.
  • Can you come up with at least 25 different blog post ideas from the beginning?
    • As a rule of thumb, come up with at least 25 different post ideas before you start your blog. If you struggle to get to that, it’ll be difficult to be consistent.

If you’re really interested in starting your own blog, head on over to the video on how to create your blog in less than 15 minutes, Click Here.


Alright future blogger, hopefully everything made sense. If you have any questions send them to me (mcclain@ijustwanttobewealthy.com), I’ll be happy to answer them! Click Here, we’ll send you the video, you’ll get started in less then 20 minutes, and become the next big thing in the blogging world. See you at the top buddy!

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