Be Obsessed With Success: Logic

Be Obsessed With Success: Logic

Hey fam, so I’ve always been a fan of rap and hip hop. Do I have street cred? Nah. Would anyone look at me and be like, “yo that guy, he knows what he’s talkin’ about when it comes to rap!” No probably not. Can I spit bars? Do I have flow? No (not yet anyway). ­čÖé So really I’m just a fan from a consumer standpoint. I’m especially infatuated with rappers who flow and have maaaad rhymes…you know what I’m talking about. Whenever I come across another dude who can spiiiit it, I haveta look into his or her story.

I know I’m a little late to the game with this one (give me a break it’s been all podcasts and no music for a while now), yes I’ve heard of him, I just never really listened to his stuff. Rapper,┬áLogic is really good man, but just as good as his raps are, his story is better.

“Okay McClain…Isn’t this site about entrepreneurship? What’s going on here…”

Alright, alright I feel ya, here’s Sir Robert Bryson Hall II aka Bobby aka Logic’s story and you’ll understand why I bring him up…

Logic was born to a white mom and a black dad, being the only one of his siblings who looked white. His dad and brothers sold crack on the streets, (at one point his own brother sold their dad drugs). When he was a teenager his mom literally went crazy, so he bounced and started living with his dad. His dad still in a bad spot wanted Logic┬áto start paying rent before he was even 18…while he was still in high school. So he left to go live with a friend.

  1. Grew up with drug addicts in a bad part of Maryland.
  2. Biracial.
  3. Bounced from house to house.

That’s three strikes against him right?!? How about dropping out of high school? No chance of surviving right? …So what did Bobby do? He went to work.

Logic worked for a florist and at Jiffy Lube. He would get up 4:30-5:00 am get ready, to be at work by 5:30-6:00. Work there for 6-8 hours then hop across the street to the florist shop work there for another 6-8 hours. Finally he would go home.


See that’s what people don’t get! If you don’t have money, if you want more money, if you want to get ahead…you. got. to. hustle! I mean I’ve probably seen more┬ápeople protesting wall street and the 1% to “spread the wealth” as I’ve seen young bloods hustlin’ to make their dreams become reality. I already know the next words that are gonna be said (for some people), “yeah man but I don’t wanna work two jobs for the rest of my life, what kind of life is that?”

aaaand **Un-pause**

When Bobby aka Logic would get home he would rap until 2-3 in the morning. That’s what he really wanted to do, and was going to do anything he could to obtain it.

“…I just saw, music is what I want and I’m going to do anything to obtain it. I don’t promote not getting your education…It just really isn’t for some people…The reason I bring up education is because…if I can work two jobs and work on music at the same time, aaand pay my bills and do my best just as independent young man at the time…you can go to school, you know what I’m saying, you can go to school and get your degree, it’s so easy and just rap (on the side). Yeah, and a lot of people are like, “yeah man, I’m just gonna quit…imma just put it all (out there)”…My biggest advice is don’t quit your job or school or anything like that if you’re not seeing income that you can pay your bills from.”

So yeah, for a time you might have to work two jobs to pay your bills, but start a side hustle and figure out how to make a living that way. Once you’re making enough money on the side to cover you expenses you can quit your two jobs. ┬áNo, it’s not easy. No, it’s probably not going to happen over night. Yes, it’s probably going to take sometime, but eventually you’ll look back at those struggles as just fond memories of growth. What’s that old Kanye West line?

“…That, that don’t kill me…Can only make me stronger.”

Perfect and Know Your Craft

I know I’ve harped on this in previous posts in the “Obsessed Series,” but I need to be honest it’s one that I’m personally working on. When Bobby was a boy he watched the movie Kill Bill part I and loved the sound track. His love for the music was one of the biggest reasons for him to begin rapping. As he got older, Logic had 100-150 songs made before he even considered becoming an actual rapper. He continues to perfect his craft, he has 5 mix tapes, 2 albums and one on the way this year.

He also became a student of the game. When you listen to Logic, some of his sounds are similar to old school rappers that he looked up to. He also has some songs that sound similar to some new age rappers, but with his own twist and style. In order to be the best he learns from the best. Logic is very knowledgable about other rappers.


When Logic was a kid he saw everything that was going on…the drugs, violence, rape, etc. All of that had an opposite affect on him. Instead of becoming a product of that environment he said that he actively chose to do the opposite. I’ll be honest I’ve had a fairly privileged and blessed life. I really have, so it doesn’t mean as much coming from me when I say it doesn’t matter your circumstances…you can overcome anything, but I’ve seen and read about so many people who have pulled themselves out of nothing to become self-made successes. I’m being serious when I say, if they can do it then so can we!

Final thought…Listen, I’m not a prime example of tireless work. Frankly, I get just as tired and unmotivated to work as the next guy. Like I said before, I’m an expert at deep couch sitting, but hey one step at a time we gonna get there. ­čÖé

2 thoughts on “Be Obsessed With Success: Logic

    1. Yeah I feel you Matt. I may have portrayed it wrong in the article. I’m sure it wasn’t every night that he only got a couple hours of sleep. I guess I (and he, in the interview I watched of him) was trying to hit home the fact of how much work it took for him to become successful, because you always hear how there isn’t enough time, or that “I’m to tired” when sometimes you have to push through it to get what you want. Again I’m sure a lot of nights he got more sleep and even now he probably gets a lot of sleep, but I believe him when he said that a lot of nights he cranked it until 3 a.m. after working two jobs.

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