What up Wealth $eekers. Welcome to the site! Here we talk about all things Wealthy & Entrepreneur…

Now let me get real wichya foa sec, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone that’s just a fact, but that’s what we are set on doing! We interview successful entrepreneurs, talk about key ideas on wealth, go over social media strategies, but most importantly promote hard work. Just like the homie Thomas Edison said, “opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” The dude was lit…waa, waaa, waaaaaaaa…

“Hey man, entrepreneurship really isn’t my thing,” no worries my dude(te), there are a ton of other ways to become wealthy! Honestly, each Wealth $eeker has to take their own path, and you need to find yours. However…the principles we talk about on the site will help you even if you choose to not be an entrepreneur so feel free to stick around.

A little bit about me…I’m married to a beautiful brown haired, green-eyed girl named Kate, we live with a black cat named Miss Jones. There we are^^^about to drop the hottest mix-tape of ’17 (minus our Jonsey Cat). πŸ™‚ Aaaand I am not a full-time entrepreneur…

I know what you’re thinking, “how can you write about entrepreneurship if you aren’t a full-time entrepreneur? You still work a 9-5?”

Yes I still work a corporate job. I went to school, got a degree, landed a job in sales/marketing, didn’t even consider doing my own thing. I didn’t even think about it? Why would I? I was on what I thought was the best and fastest path to wealth. I really did.

Then like a lot of you, I got restless. The commute, the cubicle, making more money for someone else then I made myself…you get the picture. There was no passion. So I began looking. Eventually learning about online marketing, and now figuring out how to make money online has become my obsession!

  • I started this blog writing about personal finance.
  • Got distracted by social media.
  • Stopped writing altogether.
  • Learned more about social media (and email marketing).
  • Eventually it all led back here, to this blog.

So to answer your question “how can you write about entrepreneurship if you aren’t even a full-time entrepreneur…?”

Simple, I’m documenting the process of becoming one. We’re building a social media agency, but instead of regurgitating the stuff read online like 90% of gurus out there, we execute first, then let you know what we’ve learned. As we learn and execute strategies, you learn what worked and what didn’t. Then once we become credible…as in actually build a brand/following…we will look into helping other entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their social media (not before).

Let’s grow together!! πŸ˜ƒ

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, praises, requests, suggestions, or simply want to chat…”holla attchaya boi here.”


Join in the conversation under the comment sections, Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram.

– McClain

P.S. Remember…enjoy the journey #noregrets πŸ˜ƒ

P.P.S. Here is the posting schedule in case you’re interested…

  • Monday:
    • Motivation Monday
    • Thoughts on Entrepreneurship
    • Thoughts on Wealth
  • Wednesday:
    • Interview with a Successful Entrepreneur (someone who is killing it in their business)
  • Friday:
    • Social Media Strategy
  • Saturday: (Coming Soon)
    • Documentation of the week.
    • What worked what didn’t.